Roasted Pigs

Serve 40 to 200 people with a delicious roasted pig!

For more information about our roasted pigs or other products, please call us at (814) 445-7229 or email us from our ”contact us“ page.

We all know it's the meal that makes an event memorable. At LaRue, our roasted pigs provide more than the average catered meal. They're expertly smoked to perfection in our two state-of-the-art German-made smokehouses. Professionally designed and constructed, our smokehouses follow strict Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) regulations.

Parties come in all sizes, and so do our pigs. Our roasted pigs range from 40 to 240 pounds and can accommodate anywhere from 40 to 200 people. They come with a variety of customizable options, including a perfectly decorated, ready-to-eat pig or an uncooked pig that you can prepare yourself.

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If you wish (and most do) we can stuff your pig with grandmother's bread stuffing, kielbasa, sauerkraut and hot dogs. We'll even provide additional stuffing if you think you'll need extra for your guests.

Our fall-off-the-bone roasted pigs are perfect for your next outing. Not sure how to handle a roasted pig? Don't worry – we'll get you set up for a great gathering of friends, food and an all-around good time. Expect your guests to whip out their cameras!

Other food LaRue can provide for events include:

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