Larue Meat Processing Est. 1985

Just one bite of our award-winning snack sticks and jerky and you'll never go back. Taste the LaRue difference — place an order today.

Beef Jerky

LaRue's small-batch, handcrafted premium beef jerky is the stuff that makes you say, ”Wow!“

Toss it in your pack for a hike, in your truck for a hunt or on your counter for a savory snack anytime. Our customers swear it's the best jerky around–now you can get some, too.

It takes a lot to make beef jerky the right way. We follow traditional techniques where each piece is cut, seasoned, hung, smoked and packaged by hand. Nothing automated. No faking it. This is the real deal.

Our gourmet beef jerky is:

  • 100% pure whole-muscle beef
  • made with zero meat additives
  • not reliant upon refrigeration
  • oh, yeah–delicious

The LaRue jerky production process is strenuous and painstaking, but gives us the highest quality beef jerky every time. We know you'll be satisfied after each bite.

Place an order today and soon you'll be sinking your teeth into your new favorite jerky.